Our mission is to provide high quality accurate certification of both loose gemstones and finished jewellery to the jewellery industry and the public consumer. To achieve this in our lab we combine both technology and years of hands on experience in the jewellery trade.

David Saad
M.Sc Gemology

Founder of CGJL

Price Schedule:

Loose Gemstones including Diamonds   Finished Jewellery
Less than 0.50ct: $25 per stone
0.50ct – 0.99ct: $35 per stone
1.00ct – 1.99ct: $75 per stone
2.00ct – 2.99ct: $145 per stone
3.00ct – 4.99ct: $250 per stone
5ct and up: $400 per stone
Less than 20 stones total: $65
More than 20 stones total: $95

Contact us:

27 Queen Street East #201
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2M6
Phone: 647-436-7733  Fax: 416-961-0499
Email: davesaad(at)rogers(dot)com